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On January 24, 2008, after 26 years in the USA, I moved back to the United Kingdom.  Thus, The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory has effectively moved to Bournemouth, England.  For information about my professional background, please click here.


Laser and OSETI pioneer, Professor Charles Hard Townes, died on January 27, 2015, aged 99.  Click here for UC Berkeley News Center obituary.  Thanks to Larry Klaes for sending the link:


For the Charles Townes page on this web site please click here.

For pictures of Charles Townes being presented with an award to mark the 40th anniversary of Optical SETI at SPIE's 2001 OSETI III Conference, please click here.

See also: 50 Years of Lasers and their Application to Communications


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IEEE Spectrum Optical SETI Article by Monte Ross (2006)


 The Columbus Dispatch, July 18, 2007, p. A1 & A4


The Search For Extraterrestrials - Intercepting Alien Signals

Book by Monte Ross, Published September 1, 2009


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