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This Web site has been set up to promote the manned exploration of Mars early in the 21st Century.  Having been inspired by President John F. Kennedy and the Apollo Program to come to the United States 19 years ago and eventually to become a US citizen, I feel it incumbent upon me to help inspire the next generation.

The Webmaster has two main space interests, which are clearly related:

To help find out "if we are alone?"

To see, within his lifetime, the start of mankind's move out to the stars.

With respect to second interest, I call upon the next administration to double NASA's budget and set the goal that by 2025, at the latest, Americans will have set foot on the surface of Mars.

Go Mars 2014!

Go Mars 2020!

Go Mars 2025!

Dr. Stuart A. Kingsley
Director, The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory
Chairman, SPIE's International Conferences on Optical SETI
First posted: August 27, 2000
Revised: July 1, 2001


Last Update: 02/22/02


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