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This Web site has been setup to offload some of the functions of the COSETI site and to provide streaming video.  One of these offloaded functions will be the coordination of world wide OSETI activities.

At some point in the future, this Web site will be transferred from its temporary home on the COSETI HTTP Web server to a streaming server.

If you are an ISP and in the position to donate space on a streaming video server (RealMedia or Windows Media) facility to host this Web site, please contact me at: contact info.  I am also interested in the ability to broadcast live video streams, particularly during the OSETI III Conference in January 2001.

The Webmaster has two main space interests, which are clearly related:

To help find out "if we are alone?"

To see, within his lifetime, the start of mankind's move out to the stars.

With respect to second interest, I call upon the next administration to double NASA's budget and set the goal that by 2025, at the latest, Americans will have set foot on the surface of Mars.

Go Mars 2014!

Go Mars 2020!

Go Mars 2025!

Some words about this Domain Name
When the domain name www.coseti.org was selected many years ago, it was a deliberate decision, after considerable thought, not to usurp, grab or cyber squat, the standard domain names based on "oseti".  Indeed, I have been asked several times over the years why I didn't reserve those names.  One primary reason was not to confuse the activities of "The COSETI Observatory" with OSETI as a whole.  The other reason was my typical "British" reserve!  This was done in the full light of "knowing" that in the first decade of the 21st Century, the optical approach would become the main form of electromagnetic SETI research.

Not surprisingly, having done much to popularize the Optical SETI field, www.oseti.org and www.oseti.com were no-longer available.  However, much to my surprise, www.oseti.net was.  Thus, on August 12, 2000, I reserved the additional domain name www.oseti.net.  In many ways this is a more appropriate domain name for things I intend to do in the future - to establish a network of OSETI enthusiasts.

Dr. Stuart A. Kingsley
Director, The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory
Chairman, SPIE's International Conferences on Optical SETI
First posted: August 13, 2000
Revised: August 27, 2000


Last Update: 01/26/03


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