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Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation

Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 1PW, England


75th Anniversary 1905 - 1980




My family began our association with the Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation in 1979.  At some point in the '80s my late father (seen by the white picket fence and car to the right of the picture below) became a "Country Member".  I expect to become a "Member" around 2013 or 2014, on my retirement back to the United Kingdom.

Most of the materials in this section are from the 75th Anniversary of the shul (1980), with the late Chief Rabbi, (Lord) Dr. Immanuel Jacobovits presiding.  The Centenary celebrations will be in 2005 - I hope to be there to record the proceedings and to add to this archive.

Stuart A. Kingsley, Ph.D.
First Posted: August 11, 2002
Revised: March 16, 2003



Wootten Gardens view of the shul


Message from the President

It is with the greatest of pride, and also humility, that I write this message on the celebration of our 75th Anniversary.

Proud in the fact that I am fortunate in being the President of our Congregation during this very important year in our history, but humble in the knowledge that the continued strength and success of this congregation is due to the efforts of others, who over the past 75 years have dedicated much of their time and energy to build the Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation into one of the finest congregations in this country.

Whilst there are very few, if indeed any of us, who are direct descendents of the actual founders of the congregation, each and every member can be proud to count themselves as a direct heir of that devoted few who had the foresight to create, under difficult circumstances and financial problems, a small congregation which has blossomed to some 700 members, and still growing rapidly.

There is no doubt a great warmth about our congregation, and a friendliness about our members who, in the main, have come to live in Bournemouth from various communities in the Provinces, London, and several from other parts of the globe.  All appear to settle down in- a short space of time, and integrate through the many and varied activities and interests that form part of our congregation.

Our services in the Synagogue are, I consider, second to none, and this is confirmed by the congratulatory comments that are made to myself and my colleagues in the box by visitors after every service, and I would personally take this opportunity of thanking all our officials for their very sterling efforts in this direction.

Mr. Monty Weinberg, our long serving Secretary/Administrator, has spent much time, energy and thought on our anniversary celebrations, particularly on the Exhibition arrangements, seeking from many and varied sources, interesting and historic information and press cuttings, and I thank him.  I also thank Mrs. Ruth Winston-Fox for allowing us to display her "Jewish Way of Life" Exhibition for our celebration, and for her boundless energy on her many visits to Bournemouth, and to Mr. Cyril Galkoff and his Exhibition Committee for their untiring efforts in what will be one of the most significant displays ever put on in Bournemouth by Bournemouth Jewry.  I wish to thank Mr. Sam Marks, Mr. John Kasmir, Mr. Lewis Cosky, and of course all the advertisers for helping to produce this fine Souvenir Brochure, and finally all the members of my Functions Committee for organising this evenings dinner at the Town Hall.

Finally, I can only pray that during my term of office, and that of future leaders of the congregation, that we continue to expand and prosper and that over the years we will all see The Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation grow from strength to strength.


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