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Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation

Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 1PW, England


75th Anniversary 1905 - 1980



Message from Rabbi Sidney Silberg

The 75th anniversary since its inception in 1905, marks a high point in the history of the Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation.  From humble beginnings, the Synagogue has grown into one of the foremost and most viable of the provincial communities in Britain in 1980.  Whereas the general pattern of smaller provincial Synagogues is one of declining numbers, as members move to the larger Jewish conurbations, our own Synagogue has not only held its own, but has grown to a present membership well in excess of 700 families.

Our attraction has not simply been one of climate, though that surely has played its part, nor yet the call of shifting sands on the Dorset coast, but on the firm ground and permanence of the traditional Torah spirit, which permeates the Synagogue complex, and which serves as a beacon of welcome. We boast a happy Cheder, a flourishing kindergarten, many varied social cultural and charitable activities, of both local and of Zionist interest - all meet under the Synagogue roof. Many make use of our gem of a modern Mikvah, we cater for the very orthodox too.  Many of the activities are helped along by our Ladies Guild, which is second to none.

The synagogue itself has an aesthetic beauty, with a touch of old worldliness.  The Service, led by Rev. Israel Cohen is a joy to follow, and we have developed a harmonious congregational participation.  This enthusiastic participation in all the varied facets of our activities has successfully brought the congregation to its 75th year, in such splendid form.

My wife and family join me in wishing the President, Executive and Trustees, the Board and every single member, a very hearty Mazal Tov, on this memorable and historic occasion, with the prayer and hope that they will retain their health, and that the community will retain its growth and vibrancy to complete successfully the next 25 years with G-d's blessing.

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