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Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation

Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 1PW, England


Family Connection to the late Rabbi Indech

Betty Kintzler, my father's mother who died in the great flu epidemic of 1918, was the sister of Hackney Councilor and Mayoress Mourie Blitz, the mother of Jackie Bright (Blitz) of Bournemouth who married Paula Indech (daughter of Rabbi Indech).  Paula Indech's mother was a Weisfogel, whose brother Leslie, was the grandfather of the Weisfogel quads of Columbus, Ohio (of all places).  That is how I come to be distantly related to David and Rouchel Weisfogel, the Weisfogel quads, the Presses and the Tanenbaums of Columbus, Ohio.  It is a small world.  Of course, I was unaware that I would find distant relatives in Columbus when I came here in 1981.

In the summer of 1988, Rabbi Indech visited his son Michael in Toronto.  During that hot August, they drove down to Columbus to visit with the Weisfogels.  While in town, Rabbi Indech and Michael paid a visit to my home.  The picture below was taken on that occasion.


Visit to Columbus, Ohio in 1988
Rear from left to right: David Weisfogel, Stuart Kingsley and  Michael Indech
Front from left to right: Rouchel Wesifogel and Rabbi Jonah Indech


Rabbi Indech officiating at the 75th Anniversary Celebrations of the Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation

Stuart A. Kingsley
First Posted: March 23, 2003

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