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The Meeting Place


It did not occur to me that launching this Web site would soon be the cause of me receiving emails from people with associations to shuls in the Stoke Newington/Stamford Hill/South Tottenham areas.  That being the case, I have decided to host this "Meeting Place" page on this site which will include messages from such people - just their own personal comments and memories, or seeking to get in touch with long lost friends or classmates.  If you have a story to tell or a particular piece of shul history that you think others will enjoy, please feel free to email me your account.

Send your messages to:  Please indicate whether you wish your comments to remain private or to be posted on this page.  In the case of the latter, and if you wish to be contacted by visitors to this site, please include a preferred return email address within the body of your message.

If anyone knows how I can contact artist Beverley-Jane Stewart, please let me know.

Stuart Kingsley
September 14, 2002


To kick-off, here is the first message:

Message 1


I was very interested to see the photograph of Northwold Road Synagogue because I used to live near there.   If you look at the photograph and follow to the right where the building ends, I used to live exactly opposite there.  And I can also just see my school, which was High Street School.  Opposite the shul was Stapletons dairy, then some almshouses, and I lived in the premises right next to the almshouses.    We didn't go to that shul, however. My brothers and I went to Lampard Grove cheder but I also went to Egerton Road sometimes with my grandfather.   I believe he was a founder member of that shul.

Shana Tova

London England
(at present in Tel Aviv)
September 13, 2002


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