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Northwold Road Synagogue

Stoke Newington, London N16, England

בית הכנסת אהל ישראל


Synagogue Consecration (1955)
Part 4


Shul Consecration - December 18, 1955

Left to right: I. Blacker (Chairman), J. Salik (Warden), Cllr. F. White (Deputy Mayor) and S. A. Kingsley (Treasurer and Trustee)


Left to right: Rabbi Weiser, Mayor, Jack Morrison J.P., and B. Luxenberg (Warden)


Welcome Address by S. A. Kingsley.  Rabbi Dr. Solomon Schonfeld can be seen at the left of the picture (see links).


Left to right: (front) Cllr F. White (Deputy Mayor) Cllr. H. Foxon, J.P. (Mayor)
(rear - in pew) left to right: B. Luxenberg (Warden), J. Salik (Warden) (partly hidden),
 Jack Morrison, J.P. (who opened the Synagogue), and S. A. Kingsley (Treasurer & Trustee).


Left to right: (front) Deputy Mayor, Mayor (extreme right) Cllr. M. Blitz.
(rear - in pew) Left to right, B. Luxenberg, Jack Morrison J.P., and S. A. Kingsley.


Left to right:  (front) Deputy Mayor, Mayor,
(rear - in pew) left to right: J. Salik, Jack Morrison J.P., I. Blacker, and S. A. Kingsley.


Rabbi Dr. Solomon Schonfeld with the Sifrei Torah


At the reception following the consecration
Left to right: Mayor, Mayoress (partly hidden), I Blacker, Jack Morrison J.P.,
S. A. Kingsley and Mrs. Edith Morrison.


Left to right: Jack Morrison J.P., S. A. Kingsley, Mrs. Edith Morrison and B. Luxenberg.


Left to right: (sitting) Mrs. White (Deputy Mayoress), Mayor, Mayoress, I. Blacker.
Standing: Mrs. Luxenberg (left), Mrs. Kingsley (right).
After presentation of Bouquets on behalf of Ladies Guild.


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