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Over the years I have used an HP ScanJet 4c to scan prints into my various Web sites.  However, some of my archived materials relating to synagogues are now over two decades old and the prints are showing color shifts.  This is also probably true for the color negatives.  For the moment, most of the images on this web site have been produced by the HP ScanJet 4c and the Canon CanoScan LiDE 30.

I looked around for a reasonably priced slide and negative film scanner that not only would produce higher resolution images than is possible with a new combo flatbed/film scanner, but also had the ability to correct for color shifts and damage to negatives.  The color shifts in the prints can be seen in the few pictures presented on the page for The New Synagogue, Egerton Road.  The color has shifted even though the prints have been kept in the dark for most of the past twenty one years.

I settled on the low-end Nikon Coolscan IV ED, obtainable for a little over $600.  The Super Coolscan 4000 ED and 8000 ED looked appealing, but they were way too expensive for the amount of use I would make of the hardware.  These Nikon systems are provided with Digital ICETM (Image Correction and Enhancement), Digital ROCTM (Restoration of Color) and Digital GEMTM (Grain Equalization and Management) image enhancement technology. The original scans are approximately 4100 x 2700 pixels at 24-bit color depth (about 32 Mbyte tif file size).

The Coolscan images on this site will be available in four sizes to suit various screen resolutions and connection speeds.:

  • Icon - 100 pixels wide, 4 kB jpeg

  • Small - 450 x 300 pixels, 150 dpi, 24-bit, 40 kB jpeg

  • Medium - 750 x 500 pixels, 150 dpi, 24-bit, 100 kB jpeg

  • Large - 1500 x 1000 pixels, 150 dpi, 24-bit, 400 kB jpeg

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Revised: March 3, 2003






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