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Transmission: The Other Side of SETI


David F. Mayer




The thesis of this paper is that the best way to answer these questions is to look at SETI from the perspective of the civilization which is attempting to TRANSMIT to another. I t is concluded that the visible band presents the most viable medium of contact, since it offers both the greatest bandwidth and the most narrow focusing, permitting the most information to be transmitted to potential targets at the lowest cost.  The essential problem of defining the meaning of a message to an unknown civilization is solved by the concept of the self-describing message.  The problem of the selection of potential targets is discussed and criteria for optimal choice are given.  Finally, the key question of the prudence of such a transmission program is presented and discussed.


SETI, sender, transmit, bandwidth, focusing, multiplexing, receiving civilization, transmitting civilization.


  • The paper (author Web site)


Author Biography

David Mayer has a doctorate in Mathematics from Ohio State University, 1974.  He taught mathematics at University of New Orleans, 1974-1978 and in 1978, founded Advanced Computer Consultants, an independent consulting firm.  Dr. Mayer has worked with Sea Solar Power, Inc. on the development of the technology to harness the ocean thermal gradient, 1974-present.

Author Affiliation

Advanced Computer Consultants
487 Van Heyde Place
Columbus, OH 43209-2271
United States of America
Phone: 614 231 0131
Fax: 614 231 7114
Email: DMayer@via-net.net

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