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OSETI III Program Schedule, Abstracts
and Conference Archive Links

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
in the Optical Spectrum III

Conference No. 4273




Photonics West 2001 - Advanced Technical Program



Photonics West 2001 - Advanced Technical Program


The Photonics West Exhibition is being held in the San Jose Convention Center.  Because of the huge size of the Photonics West Symposium, unlike the case for OSETI II, this OSETI III conference is not being held in the actual Convention Center.  It is being held at the nearby Hyatt St. Claire in a room called the Hyatt Courtyard.  All attendees, including speakers, should register before January 9, to avail themselves of the pre-registration discount.  Reduced fees are available for SPIE members, authors, students and part-week registrations.   A link for registration on the SPIE Web site can be found on the main OSETI III page.  If you have a full conference registration, which includes a copy of the proceedings, you are entitled to attend the complementary Free Space Laser Communication Technologies XIII Conference (#4272) that follows on Wednesday afternoon, after the conclusion of OSETI III.


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The program schedule below is the most up-to-date schedule to be found either on the SPIE Web site or elsewhere on this Web site.   Prior to the meeting, please check this page from time to time for further minor updates and information about any offsite visits. 


Day and Time Title Authors Number Paper
Monday, January 22
Session I - Life in the Universe 1
Session Chair: Stuart Kingsley
8:30 am Introductory Remarks by Chair & Co-Chair      
8:40 am The Unity of Cosmic Life and the Inevitability of Evolved Life Forms Chandra Wickramasinghe & Fred Hoyle 4273-01 Keynote
9:20 am Panspermia Asks New Questions Brig Klyce 4273-02 Standard
9:40 am Nulling Interferometry for Spectroscopic Investigation of Exoplanets - A Statistical Analysis of Imperfections Oswald Wallner, Klaus Kudielka and Walter R. Leeb 4273-29 Standard
10:00 - 10:20 am Morning Coffee Break
10:20 am NASA's Origins Program A. F. Boden and C. Beichman 4273-03 Invited
11:00 am Can Terrestrial Planets Exist in the Habitable Zones of Known Exoplanetary Systems? Barrie W. Jones and P. Nick Sleep 4273-04 Invited
Session II - Optical SETI 1
Session Chair: Paul Horowitz
11:40 am Reflections on Forty Years of Optical SETI -- Looking Forward and Looking Backward Charles H. Townes 4273-05 Special Invited
12:20 pm Special Events
12:35 - 1:50 pm Lunch Break
12:40 - 1:40 pm Planetary Society OSETI Press Conference Media are requested to assemble at 12:15 pm to also cover the Special Events
1:50 pm Optical SETI Observatories in the New Millennium: A Review Stuart A. Kingsley 4273-06 Invited
2:30 pm Berkeley Radio and Optical SETI Programs: SETI@Home, SERENDIP, and SEVENDIP Dan Werthimer, David Anderson, Stuart Bowyer, Jeff Cobb, Eric Korpela,
Michael Lampton, Matt Lebofsky, Geoff Marcy, and Dick Treffers
4273-07 Invited
3:10 - 3:30 pm Afternoon Coffee Break
3:30 pm The PhotonStar Project Monte Ross and Stuart A. Kingsley 4273-08 Standard
3:50 pm Large Area Solar Power Heliostat Arrays for OSETI Corbin E. Covault 4273-28 Standard
Session IIIA - Life in the Universe 2
Session Chair: Dan Werthimer
4:10 pm 18 Years of Searching -- Where is The Planetary Society Headed? Lou Friedman 4273-34 Standard
4:30 pm Dyson Shells: A Retrospective Robert Bradbury 4273-27 Standard
4:50 pm Life at the Limits of Physical Laws Robert Bradbury 4273-32 Standard

5:30 - 7:00 pm


      4273-3X Posters
5:30 - 7:00 pm Reception

Posters will be placed on display after 10:00 am in the Civic Auditorium, Parkside Hall across from the Convention Center.  A poster reception with authors present at their posters, will be held.  Light refreshments will be served.  Attendees are requested to wear conference registration badges.


Day and Time Time Authors Number Paper
Tuesday, January 23
Session IIIB - Life in the Universe 2
Session Chair: Dan Werthimer
8:30 am Announcements      
8:40 am Evidence for Microfossils in Ancient Rocks and Meteorites Richard B. Hoover 4273-35 Invited
9:20 am Imaging Nonsolar Planets by Nulling Interferometry Ronald N. Bracewell 4273-13 Invited
10:00 am Philosophical Perspectives on The Problem of Extraterrestrial Signal Detection Arthur C. Fricke 4273-14 Standard
10:20 - 10:40 am Morning Coffee Break
10:40 am SETI 2020: A Roadmap for Future SETI Observing Projects Jill Tarter 4273-15 Invited
11:20 am Widening the Range of Search Strategies Allen Tough 4273-16 Invited
Noon Factors Affecting Calculation of L Mark P. A. Ciotola 4273-17 Standard
12:20 pm The L Factor: Hope and Fear in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Charles T. Rubin 4273-33 Standard
12:40 - 1:40 pm Lunch/Exhibit Break
Session IV - Optical SETI 2
Session Chair: Ragbir Bhathal
1:40 pm Targeted and All-Sky Search for Nanosecond Optical Pulses at Harvard-Smithsonian Paul Horowitz, Charles Coldwell, Andrew Howard, David Latham, Robert Stefanik, Jonathan Wolff 
& Joe Zajac
4273-18 Invited
2:20 pm Optical SETI Comes of Age H. Paul Shuch 4273-19 Standard
2:40 pm Next-Generation Space Telescope (NGST) & Space-Based Optical SETI Steven Kilston & David L. Begley 4273-20 Invited
3:20 - 3:40 pm Afternoon Coffee Break
3:40 pm Optical SETI in Australia Ragbir Bhathal 4273-22 Invited
4:20 pm Is there "RFI" in Pulsed Optical SETI? Andrew Howard & Paul Horowitz 4273-23 Standard
4:40 pm A New OSETI Observatory To Test Dutton's Astronautical Theory  Eamonn Ansbro 4273-24 Standard
5:00 pm Formal and Non-Formal SETI Education Programs Ragbir Bhathal 4273-36 Standard
5:20 pm An Improved Optical SETI Detector Shelley Wright, Frank Drake, Remington P. S. Stone,
Dick Treffers, and Dan Werthimer
4273-30 Standard
6:00 - 10:00 pm Allen Tough's Meeting (Special Invite)


Day and Time Time Authors Number Paper
Wednesday, January 24
Session V - Other
Session Chair: Allen Tough
8:30 am Announcements
Conference attendees are encouraged to attend this half-day session and participate in the workshop.
8:40 am Overview of Laser Communications Research at NASA/JPL Hamid Hemmati 4273-25 Invited
9:20 am Instrument Technologies for the Detection of Extraterrestrial Interstellar Robotic Probes Scot L. Stride 4273-26 Standard
9:40 am Algorithmic Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ACETI) Brian McConnell 4273-31 Standard
10:00 - 10:30 am Morning Coffee Break
10:00 - 10:30 am Dr. SETI Entertains (Paul Shuch
10:30 - 11:50 am Workshop Panel, Moderator: Douglas Vakoch
11:50 - noon Concluding remarks by chair and co-chair


Photonics West Exhibition, Convention Center, January 23-25
Career Fair, Convention Center, January 22-25

Wednesday, January 24 - Thursday, January 25
Free-Space Laser Communication Technologies XIII Conference (#4272)


Please check back from time to time for changes to the above list.  Authors are strongly encouraged to visit the SPIE Web site to submit their abstracts as soon as possible, so that their information can be entered into the SPIE database and a temporary paper number assigned.   SPIE will forward Author Kits to the contact addresses provided.  The main OSETI III page on this Web site provides links to the SPIE Web site for all information regarding this conference, such as registration fees (available in November), hotels, etc..  All papers on this site are linked to a dedicated page that contains the abstract, biographical details of the principal author and contact information.  Please write your short biography as you would wish to be introduced to the audience by your session chairperson.

After the conference, these linked pages will contain pictures of the speakers and eventually, archived RealVideo recordings of their talks and RealPresenter versions of their slides.  For this reason, after the conference I would like all speakers to email me PowerPoint 97 or PowerPoint 2000 files containing all materials used in their presentations, in the order of presentation, along with their copyright release to The COSETI Observatory.  If it is not possible to provide a PowerPoint file, please provide a zipped archive containing low-compression high-resolution (1024+ pixel wide) jpeg graphic files of each slide.   I will endeavor to post video and presentation materials to these pages within a year of the conference.  For the moment, the intention is to have separate RealAudio/ RealVideo and RealPresenter/RealSlideshow links at the bottom of each abstract page.

It is my desire to archive and preserve each speaker's contribution to this field for many years to come and allow those not able to attend the conference and others new to the OSETI field, to get a sense of how Optical SETI developed around the turn of the 21st century.  Of course, the SPIE printed proceedings, which will be published several months after the conference, should be available for purchase from the SPIE Web site for several years to come.  The proceedings of the OSETI I Conference (1993) and the OSETI II Conference (1996) are still available and may be ordered from SPIE by clicking here.

As more late papers and posters are submitted, this schedule and organization may slightly change.  Please check back for updates to this program.  Those authors who have yet to submit their abstracts, bios and contact info, please email the material to me as soon as possible.  Some of the invited speakers were signed up for this conference a long time ago and may have forgotten whether they had submitted this information.  If the material is missing from your conference page on this Web site then it signifies that these materials were not submitted by email or Web form.

Dr. Stuart A. Kingsley
Director, The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory
Chairman, SPIE's OSETI III Conference

This page last updated: January 20, 2001



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