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Appeal for Support


Up to now, The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory has been self-funded from the author's professional "down-to-earth" photonic activities.  After four years of design and construction, late this summer the observatory should start collecting its first quantitative data.

In 1998, The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory will be set up as a corporation and application made to the IRS for non-profit 501(c)(3) status and tax-exempt status in Ohio.

For the moment, tax-exempt donations may be made through the North American AstroPhysical Observatory (NAAPO), which supports the non-profit "Big Ear" radio-observatory at Ohio State.

Big Ear

Tax-exempt donations may also be made through The American Anthropological Research Foundation, Inc.


For about four years now, this observatory has desired to obtain a Windows-based nuclear particle counter, such as EG&G ORTEC's High-Performance Turbo MCS (Multichannel Scaler) system, Model No. T914.  This is a ideal piece of equipment for detecting photon events as short as 5 ns. This speed is compatible with the observatory's present PMT system.  The observatory is still hoping that some individual or organization might provide this item which costs $6,750 +$305 for PC interface cable and card (Model No. PCBCBL1).

EG&G also has a new picosecond system, Model 9308, which lists for $9,950 + $305 for the PC interface cable and card (Model No. PCBCBL1).

Oriel Instruments has a Multichannel Spectroscopy System called "InstaSpec V Gated ICCD".

The observatory desires to move its observatory dome from its present temporary location in backyard of the director's home to the roof of the garage.  Two years ago, the cost to do this was estimated at about $15,000.





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