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These selected articles are reproduced as bit-mapped images, with image file sizes indicated.  Citations for additional articles may be found in the detailed resume for Stuart Kingsley.


Article 1 (45k & 48k)

"When will Earthlings see the light", Nigel Henbest, New Scientist, 12 December 1992, p. 48.

"Optics and aliens", Bernard Oliver, New Scientist, 20 March 1993, p. 50.


Article 2 (32k & 309k)

"Hello, out there?", Jim Bebbington, The Columbus Monthly, January 1993, pp. 77-80.


Article 3 (50k, 748 k &  222k)

"Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence goes to Israel", Ohio Jewish Chronicle, 15 December 1994, p. 1-2.


Article 4 (29k & 64k)

"Excitement of discovery drives search for aliens", The Lantern, March 1, 1995, p. 6.


Article 5 (29 k, 38k & 70k)

"The Inspiration Factor", The New York Times, March 11, 1995, p. 16.


Article 6 (16k & 160k)

"Greetings, carbon-based bipeds!", book review by Arthur C. Clarke, The Times Higher Educational Supplement, March 17, 1995, p. 24.


Article 7 (156k & 51k)

"Modern optics may make optical SETI practical", Jeff Hecht, Laser Focus World Magazine, July 1996, pp. 99-104.


Article 8 (206 k)

"Space Enthusiasts use Eyes, Ears in Search for Alien Life", David Lore, The Columbus Dispatch, January 31, 1999, Page 7B.


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