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The COSETI Observatory

  • Contents

    • Promotion of Optical SETI.
    • The Drake Equation.
    • The Electromagnetic Spectrum.
    • Optical SETI Versus Microwave SETI.
    • The Cyclops Report.
    • Free-Space Laser Communications.
    • Detecting Monochromatic Continuous Wave Laser Beacons.
    • Professional Optical SETI.
    • Adaptive Optics.
    • Planetary Lasers.

  • Detecting Extrasolar Planets.
  • Detecting Pulsed Laser Beacons.
  • Amateur Optical SETI.
  • The COSETI Observatory.
  • Retrospective Optical SETI.
  • Laser Museum & Space Signal Observatory (LSSO).
  • Other Optical SETI.
  • Optical SETI Conferences.
  • SETIQuest.
  • Summary.
  • About Stuart Kingsley.
  • Contact Information.
  • Further Information.

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