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The COSETI Observatory

  • Summary

    • ETIs are far more technologically advanced than humans.
    • If their communications technology is restricted or they restrict it to interstellar electromagnetic communications that are limited to the speed of light, they will use lasers in preference to microwaves.
    • They will be capable of targeting narrow laser beams at selected stars that they known contain life-bearing planets.
    • Since energy will be in ample supply to advanced ETI civilizations, they will transmit strong attention-getting beacon signals, making it easier for us to detect.
    • Pulsed lasers are more easily detectable, reducing the need to guess the “magic optical frequency”.
    • One or more wideband data channels will be transmitted alongside the attention-getting beacon, allowing for the transmission of the “Encylopeadia Galactica”.
    • Microwaves are not capable of transmitting wideband signals over interstellar distances - lasers are.
    • By 2010, there will be a better balance between MSETI and OSETI research efforts.

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