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The COSETI Observatory

  • Copyright © Notice

    • The text materials and most of the drawings in this presentation are Copyrighted by The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory. However, only those images containing the word “COSETI” are copyrighted by The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory. Other images are attributable to NASA and a variety of other sources. The number appearing beneath “COSETI” refers to the html page on the web site, where more information about the illustration may be found. The address for the page is of the form: www.coseti.org/9006-001.htm, where the first four digits refer to the year and the month of composition, respectively, and the three-digit number after the hyphen refers to the sequence number for that month.
    • This presentation may be freely reproduced by non-profit organizations for educational purposes.
    • For-profit organizations should contact The COSETI Observatory if they wish to reproduce this material.
    • The “The COSETI Observatory” banner and logo must be retained on all slides. However, you may change the slide layout.

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