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Most Intense Fraunhofer Lines

300 - 340 nm


Wavelength, nm

Bandwidth, nm

Bandwidth, GHz


306.7262 0.0663 211.4 Fe I2
313.4116 0.0414 126.4 Ni I2
324.2007 0.0270 77.1 Ti II
324.7569 0.0246 70.0 Cu I
333.6689 0.0416 112.1 Mg I


1    After Moore, Minnaert, and Houtgast (1966).
2    Blended line.
3    Magnetic sensitive line.

Table reproduced from "Astrophysical Formulae", edited by K.R. Lang, Springer Verlag, 1978, p. 175.


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