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Between October 1991 and December 1997, The COSETI Observatory operated a DOS-based Wildcat bulletin board system (bbs) reached by modem at (614) 258-1710.  The Wildcat BBS went online the week that Gene Roddenberry passed away, to whom the BBS was dedicated.   It  was closed down when it had become redundant due to the development of this web site.  The bbs was originally called the "Fiberdyne Optoelectronics BBS", then "ETI Photonics BBS", and finally "The COSETI Observatory BBS".  Many of the files on that bbs system were posted to various newsgroups on the Internet at that time and may be found on this web site elsewhere.  Here now is one large compressed file containing all the archived files from the bbs plus a searchable database of those files.

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