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Tours & Presentations


The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory is prepared to give a limited number of tours and presentations at our facility every year, subject to demands on our time. There is room at the observatory for small parties of school children with their parents and/or teachers to attend a "show and tell".

The Director is also prepared to give talks in the Columbus area and elsewhere, though transportation and accommodation expenses must be covered for out-of-town presentations. Please contact the Director if interested.

COSETI Observatory Contact Information in the U.S.


From time to time I visit with family in England. If you are located in Great Britain or in continental Europe and would like to arrange a lecture about OSETI while I am in the U.K., please send me an email.

COSETI Observatory Contact Information in the U.K.

Tel: 0181-518-1953 (sister)

Tel: 0181-800-6152 (mother)




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