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New Synagogue, Egerton Road

Stamford Hill, London N16, England


Multimedia Materials


New Synagogue, August 1979

New Synagogue, August 1979



Audio 1 (in stereo)
Memorial Service (extracts only) for Gerald M. Melnick (Warden 1971-1974)
Sunday, January 12, 1975

Rabbi Dr. I. Lerner (Egerton Road)
Rabbi S. Halstuk (Crowland Road)
Rev. A. Levin (Egerton Road)

Order of Service:
Afternoon Service
Psalm 121
Memorial Address
Memorial Prayer
Evening Service
Psalm 16
Adon Olam


  Duration Encoder
Psalm 121   Real One, 100 k Windows Media, 100 k
Memorial Prayer   Real One, 100 k Windows Media, 100 k
Psalm 16   Real One, 100 k Windows Media, 100 k
Yigdal   Real One, 100 k Windows Media, 100 k
Adon Olam   Real One, 100 k Windows Media, 100 k



Audio 2 (in stereo)
Wedding (extracts only)
Sunday, August 12, 1979

  Duration Encoder
    Real One, 100 k Windows Media, 100 k


Video 1 (in stereo)
Valedictory Service (entire service)
Monday, June 23, 1992

Dayan Ivan Binstock (London Beth Din)
Rabbi Geoffrey Shisler (Kenton/Bournemouth Synagogues)

Order of Service:

Afternoon Service
Valedictory Address
Evening Service
Concluding Remarks
Adon Olam

  Duration Version Upload Date Windows Media
Entire Service

1 hr. 30 min

Ahavas Olam 4 min 16 sec 1.0 November 10, 2002 256 k (7.4 MBytes)**
Valedictory Address 17 min 38 sec 1.0 November 9, 2002 100 k (14.0 MBytes)*
Concluding Remarks

4 min 27 sec

1.0 November 10, 2002 100 k (3.4 MBytes)*
Adon Olam 5 min 12 sec 1.0 November 10, 2002 256 k (9.0 MBytes)**
Hatikvah 1 min 25 sec 1.0 November 10, 2002 256 k (2.5 Mbytes)**

*The first 320 x 240 pixel, 15 fps video clips to be uploaded are the Valedictory Address and Concluding Remarks.  They have been directly encoded using Windows Movie Maker at 100 kbps rather than converted first to MPEG-1 files.  If you do not have broadband Internet access to stream this file, right click to "Save Target As" to your hard disk and then play it from there.  Indeed, you are recommended to save to disk first even if you have broadband Internet connectivity because you will want to play these clips more than once!  They are not copy protected.  These temporary clips taken under difficult low level light conditions, have not been enhanced (cropped, sharpened, contrast intensified and color corrected) at this time.  Future clips will also have enhanced audio and be free of audio distortion.

**320 x 240 pixel, 30 fps video clips in stereo.  Never mind the present picture quality, turn those speakers up and blow your mind!  The slow, majestic Adon Olam is perhaps the most moving nigun in the entire repertoire of our choirmasters.  You've heard of the wandering Jew, now witness the wandering camera eye as it pans and scans this magnificent shul.  However, some clips don't show much in the way of panning and scanning, but then I was too engrossed in enjoying this historic service to spend too much time with my cameraman hat on!

Just encoding this clip brought tears to my eyes as my thoughts returned to those years when I attended Egerton Road with my late father and Benny Luxembourg on the second nights of yomtovim.  Arnold Cohen and his son would always be sitting behind us.  No doubt that you too will have a similar emotional experience. You may wish to play Ahavas Olam in a continuous loop, for amongst many, it is arguably the best nigun to come out of the New Synagogue.  Enjoy.

Spacialize these stereo recordings (Spacializer Audio Laboratories, Inc.).  You can demo this program before buying.  The
Virtual Sound Processor-11™ (VSP-11™) is highly recommended.  Bring the acoustics of the New Synagogue into your home.

Click here for the "technical" page explaining how these video clips will be enhanced.

Frames grabbed from enhanced and processed video clips (Version 2.0):




New Synagogue Choir Gallery


New Synagogue Bimah




Geoffrey Shisler


Dayan Ivan Binstock




Dayan Ivan Binstock


New Synagogue Clock


Some of these video clips show the water damage caused by the leaking roof, eleven years after the pictures in the photo gallery were taken.

The audio materials were recorded on 1/4" 4-track real-to-reel tape with Dolby B.  The video material was recorded on a NTSC Hi-Fi VCR under rather poor lighting conditions, using a stand-alone color camera.  The dark blob that appears from time to time at the top right of the picture is the stereo microphone boom.  Needless to say, it was not visible in the electronic camera viewfinder at the time of the recording!   As these materials are gradually edited, enhanced and encoded, links will appear on the connection rates above.  Click on the active streaming rate links appropriate for your Internet connection.  The streaming media files will not be protected, so they may be saved to your hard drive for later playback.  Not protecting the files also has the advantage that the larger better quality encoded files may be selected for saving to disk rather than streaming, even if your Internet bandwidth is low.

I am aware that several people attending the valedictory service came with camcorders.  If they would like to provide me with high-quality Hi-Fi Stereo VHS or S-VHS PAL copies of these recordings I can investigate the possibility of incorporating some of their materials into the final cut of the entire service.  I do not have the means to play 8mm PAL tapes in the USA, but can play and convert VHS and S-VHS tapes in any TV format.  Please contact me if you can provide such analog recordings.

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