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Technical Procedure for Enhancing Video Clips


The original video was shot in NTSC on a standard VHS cassette using a portable Canon VC-30 Hi-Fi VCR (circa 1984), a stand-alone Canon Vidicon color camera, and a tripod.  The duration of recording is approximately 1 hr. 30 min.  Actual service was longer, as original recording was stopped during parts of Mincha and Maariv.  A quick battery change was necessitated during the Valedictory Address so a few sentences by Dayan Binstock are missing.

The basic procedure is as follows:

  1. Video and audio processed and enhanced while copying to S-VHS cassette.

  2. S-VHS video converted to a single large MPEG-2 file at 640 x 480 pixels on a Dell workstation and written to a 4.7 Gbyte DVD.

  3. Video clips extracted from DVD and MPEG-2 files cropped and encoded in Windows Media 9 WMF format on a Dell laptop.


Now for the details

Equipment employed:

  1. JVC NTSC Source VCR, VHS/S-VHS, Model HR-S3901U
  2. JVC NTSC Target  VCR, VHS/S-VHS, Model HR-S5901U
  3. Sima ColorCorrector Pro-Series Video Processor, Model SCC
  4. Technics Stereo Graphic Equalizer, Model SH-GE70
  5. Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge
  6. Dell 340 Workstation, 2.8 GHz, 1 GBytes RAM, 7200 rpm hard drive, Pioneer A04 DVR
  7. Dell Inspiron 7500 Laptop, 700 MHz., 512 Mbytes RAM, 5400 rpm hard drive, Pioneer A03 DVR

Software employed:

  1. Roxio VideoWave 5 Power Edition
  2. Microsoft Windows Media Encoder 9


Compare quality of version 1.0 and 2.0 video clips:


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