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Sir, Arthur C. Clarke


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From the jacket of his scientific autobiography "Ascent To Orbit"


Arthur C. Clarke made a Knight Bachelor by the Queen in the 1998 New Years Honours List


In a letter to Stuart Kingsley dated March 8, 1993, in response to a letter to Arthur reporting on the outcome of the OSETI I conference, the following statement was made by Arthur:

The reactions of your colleagues are obviously shaping up according to the old pattern:

(1)  Don't waste my time, it's absolute nonsense.

(2)  It's possible, but it's not worth doing.

(3)  I said it was a good idea all along.


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Optical SETI Endorsement

Public Microwave SETI Appeal

OSU's "Big Ear" Appeal

Arthur C. Clarke's Times Educational Book Review

Shootings at The White House, 2001

SpaceViz Productions


The extracts from the two papers listed below demonstrate how in one age, ideas may sound very much like science fiction - but come to pass as enabling technologies are developed.  These two "free-space communications" papers of the radio kind are classic examples of this phenomena.  Optical SETI may turn out to be just one more example - time will tell!

Extra-Terrestrial Relays

Electronics and Space-Flight



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