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COSETI Presentations


It is intended that this page will contain presentations about Optical SETI in RealPresenter format with corresponding high-resolution PowerPoint 97 zipped PPT files that can be downloaded.  Click on the number under "RealPresenter" to view or preview the presentation in RealPlayer.  Then, if you desire, click on the file to download the original PowerPoint 97 presentation.  Note that Microsoft PowerPoint 97 files cannot be read by earlier versions of PowerPoint.   Narrations will be added when time permits.  If you have fast Internet access you can click through the entire presentation in your browser using the link in the HTML PowerPoint column.

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RealPresenter HTML PowerPoint Title & Description Narration Slides Time
PowerPoint 97 File File Size
Presentation 00

Version 1.1
First Upload:
April 7, 1998


Last Update:
April 7, 1998


Presentation 00



This presentation is an extract from Presentation #1.

Each slide plays for 10 seconds.  Fonts have been optimized for clarity in RealPresenter.

No 26 0:04:20 COSETI00.ZIP 1.6
Presentation 01

Version 1.2
First Upload:
March 22, 1998

Last Update:
October 18, 1998


Presentation 01

View this presentation in your browser.  Presentation has been set for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768.

Version 1.3
Last Update:
February 14, 1999



This presentation is a general overview of Optical SETI and the activities of The COSETI Observatory.  If you are new to this site, this is good way to get a quick general impression of the range of topics and what Optical SETI is all about.  It is also an excellent source of teaching materials.  It summarizes all the topics investigated over the past 10 years.

Each slide plays for 30 seconds.  A narration will be added later when time permits.

No 121 1:00:30 COSETI01.ZIP 5.7


Further presentations to follow:

  • OSETI in Brief

  • Photo Gallery

  • Professional OSETI

  • Amateur OSETI

  • Retrospective Optical SETI

  • Heterodyne Detection

  • Direct Detection

  • Photon Counting

  • Observatory Data

  • OSETI for Young People



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