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Real Presenter


RealPresenter Plug-in 5.0 lets you export your Microsoft® PowerPoint® 97 presentations to the RealMedia format.  Such presentations will be included on this web site in the future.  The link to the first 1 hour presentation can be found at the foot of this page.  Use your RealPlayer to play the presentation in your browser.

March 23, 1998


Download the free RealPlayer 5.0 from the RealNetworks web site:

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If your link to RealNetworks is slow, you may download the free RealPlayer 5.0 from this site.  Note, that this file is an English language version suitable for Pentium PCs and Windows 95 OS:

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For more information, visit RealNetworks web site at www.real.com

Check out the Windows Magazine review at winmag.com/library/1998/temp/June98.htm


Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 97 allows people who don't have PowerPoint to view full fidelity PowerPoint Presentations.  Click here to download the viewer.


Click below to select the RealPresenter COSETI Presentations to view, or download the corresponding high-resolution PowerPoint COSETI Presentation files.

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