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Internet Connectivity


Computers, Servers, Firewalls, Modems & Video Sources
Device Video Mode OS IP Address Program Function Location
Pentium # PC 1 1280 x 1024 Win 98 TheSky IV Meade LX200 Control Control/Conference Room
Pentium # PC 2 1024 x 768 Win 98 LabVIEW 5.1 Signal Processing Control/Conference Room
Pentium # PC 3 1024 x 768 Win 98 SkyPro 2.0 CCD Imaging/Tracking Dome
Pentium # PC 4 800 x 600 Win 98 NA Laptop Control/Conference Room
Axis 240 Camera Server* NA NA NA WebCam Multiplexer Control/Conference Room
Axis Streaming Video Server** NA NA NA Occasional Internet Broadcasts Control/Conference Room
Secure Network Interface NA NA NA Davis Weather Monitor II Control/Conference Room
WebRamp 700s NA NA NA Internet Gateway/Firewall Basement
Cable Modem NA NA NA NA Road Runner Basement
Videonics Titlemaker NTSC NA NA NA COSETI Video Title Control/Conference Room
Camera 1 NTSC NA NA NA Fixed (Color) Front of House
Camera 2 NTSC NA NA NA Pan/Tilt/Zoom (Color) Control/Conference Room
Camera 3 NTSC NA NA NA Fixed (Color) Back of House
Camera 4 NTSC NA NA NA Fixed (B&W) Dome
Camera 5 NTSC NA NA NA Fixed (Color) Dome
Camera 6 NTSC NA NA NA Fixed (B&W) Telescope

* Publicly accessible over the Internet if provided with IP address.

** Not yet available.


COSETI Observatory Internet Connectivity (Schematic)

Click on the above for more information about this schematic


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