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Monte Ross - Biography



University of Illinois
BS Electrical Engineering

Northwestern University
MS Electrical Engineering



McDonnell-Douglas, St. Louis, Mo.

Director, Laser, Space Communications & Radar Systems

Mr. Ross created an operation of 400 people at McDonnell Douglas with development of the first space laser communication system and the first space radar laser.

Ultradata Systems, Inc., St. Louis, Mo.

President & CEO

Mr. Ross founded Ultradata Systems upon taking early retirement from McDonnell Douglas, and has brought it from 3 people to a public company with over $10 million/year sales, producing hand-held electronic information systems.  It is listed on NASDAQ (ULTR).



Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Fellow Award in 1975 for "Leadership and Contributions to laser communications".

McDonnell Douglas Fellow Award, 1985 for "Leadership and Contributions to laser communications." Awarded to 5 of 100,000 employees.

AIAA St. Louis Section Technical Contributions Award for contributions to advanced laser communications technology, 1976.



Author of over 50 papers in the field of lasers, communications and laser data systems.   Ten Papers listed below.



  1. M.. Ross, "Search Laser Receivers for Interstellar Communications, "Proc. IEEE, 53, p. 1780 (1965).
  2. M. Ross, "Laser Receivers," John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1966.
  3. M. Ross, "Pulse Interval Modulation Laser Communication," Supplement to IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Transactions. AES-3,324 (1967).
  4. M. Ross, et al., "Short Pulse Optical Communications Experiment," Proc. IEEE, 58, pp. 1719-1726 (1970).
  5. M. Ross, "Laser Communications" Chapter (pp. 239-295) Laser Applications Vol. I, Academic Press, 1971.
  6. M. Ross, et al, "Space Optical Communications with the Nd: Yag Laser," Proc. of IEEE, 66, pp. 319-344 (1978).
  7. M. Ross, "The Likelihood of Finding Extraterrestrial Laser Signals," Journal British Interplanetary Society, Vol. 32, pp. 203-208 (1979).
  8. M. Ross, "Design of an Optical Receiver for Space Signals, " Journal British Interplanetary Society, Vol. 33, pp. 89-94 (1980).
  9. M. Ross, Interview SPIE Technical Waking Group Newsletter on Laser Communications – January 1992.
10. M. Ross, "Large M-ary Pulse Position Modulation and Photon Buckets for effective interstellar communications." SPIE Proc. Vol. 1867, pp. 161-177, Jan. 1993.
Author of "Laser Receivers," Wiley & Sons, 1966.
Technical Editor of "Laser Applications", Volume I, 1971; Volume II, 1974; Volume III, 1977; Volume IV, 1980, Academic Press.
Author of chapter of Laser Systems in "Advances in Quantum Electronics," 1972.



Holder of several patents in the field of lasers, communications, microwave, and measurement systems utilizing microwaves and digital techniques.

Patents include first laser diode pumped Nd:YAG laser patent.

Patent on pulse quaternary modulation; laser modulation system used in first successful aircraft-ground laser system.



NSF consultant on grants in laser data systems.

Invited member of NSF panel evaluating Engineering Research Center of Excellence proposals.

Alumni Board Member, 1984 to 1990, University of Illinois Electrical & Computer Engineering Department.

President, International Laser Communications Society, 1987-1992.


Monte Ross


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