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List of publications by Monte Ross relating to Optical SETI:

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10. M. Ross, "An Economic Rationale for Extraterrestrials using Lasers for SETI," SPIE Proc., Vol. 1867, pp. 114-120, Jan. 1993.
11. M. Ross, "Large M-ary Pulse Position Modulation and Photon Buckets for Effective Interstellar Communications," SPIE Proc., Vol. 1867, pp.161-177,  Jan. 1993.
12. M. Ross, "Large Aperture Search Receiver Design for Unknown Laser Frequency Signals," SPIE Proc., Vol. 2704, pp. 117-126, Jan. 1996.
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14. M. Ross, "The New Search for ET," IEEE Spectrum, pp. 7, 32-37, Nov. 2006.


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