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Monte Ross



List of publications by Monte Ross relating to Optical SETI:

  1. M. Ross, "Search Laser Receivers for Interstellar Communications," Proc. IEEE, 53, p. 1780 (1965).
  2. M. Ross, "Laser Receivers," John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1966.
  3. M. Ross, "Pulse Interval Modulation Laser Communication," Supplement to IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Transactions. AES-3, 324 (1967).
  4. M. Ross, et al., "Short Pulse Optical Communications Experiment," Proc. IEEE, 58, pp. 1719-1726 (1970).
  5. M. Ross, "Laser Communications," Chapter (pp. 239-295) Laser Applications Vol. I, Academic Press, 1971.
  6. M. Ross, et al, "Space Optical Communications with the Nd: Yag Laser," Proc. of IEEE, 66, pp. 319-344 (1978).
  7. M. Ross, "The Likelihood of Finding Extraterrestrial Laser Signals," Journal British Interplanetary Society, Vol. 32, pp. 203-208 (1979).
  8. M. Ross, "Design of an Optical Receiver for Space Signals," Journal British Interplanetary Society, Vol. 33, pp. 89-94 (1980).
  9. M. Ross, Interview SPIE Technical Waking Group Newsletter on Laser Communications – January 1992.
10. M. Ross, "An Economic Rationale for Extraterrestrials using Lasers for SETI," SPIE Proc., Vol. 1867, pp. 114-120, Jan. 1993.
11. M. Ross, "Large M-ary Pulse Position Modulation and Photon Buckets for Effective Interstellar Communications," SPIE Proc., Vol. 1867, pp.161-177,  Jan. 1993.
12. M. Ross, "Large Aperture Search Receiver Design for Unknown Laser Frequency Signals," SPIE Proc., Vol. 2704, pp. 117-126, Jan. 1996.
13. M. Ross and S.A. Kingsley, "The PhotonStar Project," SPIE Proc., Vol. 4273, pp 110-118, Jan 2001.
14. M. Ross, "The New Search for ET," IEEE Spectrum, pp. 7, 32-37, Nov. 2006.


Last update: October 29, 2006

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