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Shopping List


Here we give a list of equipment for constructing an Amateur Optical SETI Observatory and the respective costs. The mention of any particular product is not to be construed as an endorsement of that product for Optical SETI. However, if the COSETI Observatory uses such a product it will be so stated.


Remember, we do not know:

1 If ETIs are actually signaling us.


2 If they are, whether they are using the optical spectrum.


3 If they are operating in the optical spectrum, whether these lasers are in the ultra-violet, visible, near-infrared or far-infrared.


4 Whether such signals are continuous wave or pulsed.


5 Whether the signals are sufficiently strong to be detected with small aperture telescopes.


6 Whether the individual can gain access to the huge database of stellar spectral plates that have accumulated over the past century, and be able to search them for unusual spectral lines. EJASA Part 9, Page 59


There are a lot of "ifs" here, but if the reader is still willing to embark upon this adventure, then please read on. Caveat Emptor!


Where to buy hardware and software.


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