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OSETI III Conference

Very Early Call For Papers


It is expected that SPIE will want to host a third OSETI conference in the year 2000 (or 2001), if there is sufficient interest.  If you are interested in submitting a paper for the conference please email me with a provisional title and brief description.  Manuscripts will not be required until the late autumn of 1999 (or 2000).  Have a look at the proceedings of the two previous OSETI conferences to get a flavor for the various topics.  The conference would be part of SPIE's Photonics West that is held in San Jose in late January and early February.

The two previous OSETI conferences were held in the same year as the two most recent IAU Commission 51 Bioastronomy Conferences.  It has now been decided to resynch the OSETI conference so that it is not held in the same year as the Bioastronomy Conference.   The Sixth Bioastronomy Conference will be held August 2-6, 1999 on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Also, since the annual Astronautical Congress is held in late September or early October, it will be necessary to avoid having the OSETI conference as part of SPIE's Photonics East, which is held in Boston around the same time.  Of course, if OSETI really takes off as a world-wide activity, as it is hoped, more regular meetings will become necessary.

Stuart Kingsley
December 19, 1997


It has now been decided that the OSETI III conference will be held as part of Photonics West at the San Jose Convention Center, California, in January 2001.  This is half-way through the three year period between each of the Commission 51 IAU Bioastronomy conferences, and about half-way between the yearly IAA SETI meetings.  I am grateful to Dr. Guillermo Lemarchand, co-chair for OSETI II,  for  making the suggestion in 1997 that the SPIE OSETI meetings be positioned to avoid the other SETI conferences.   Photonics West is organized by SPIE (The International Society for Optical Engineering).

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