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The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence in the Optical Spectrum (OSETI)

In memory of those who perished and were injured on September 11, 2001, in a
brutal attack on Western Civilization; the greatest civilization in the history of Planet Earth


Local Time in Columbus, Ohio

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)


For Sale: 10 ft. TVRO Satellite Dish System

Hawaiian Bioastronomy Conference, August 1-6, 1999


News Flash
(Last Update: February 12, 2000)


Open Letter to the HST-JWST Transition Panel
Concerning Space-Based Optical SETI


COSETI Presentations

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Science & Research


If you watched the ABC's World News Tonight segment on May 13, 1999 about SETI at Home
and want to know more, please click here or below:

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The Eagle has Landed - The 30th Anniversary of Apollo 11

40th Anniversary of Kenney's Speech


Watch the National Press Club Speech:
Buss Aldrin, Former Astronaut
Topic: Man & Space - 30 Years after Apollo 11

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C-SPAN, Recorded June 24, 1999


National Public Radio

Hawaiian Bioastronomy Meeting,  August 1-6, 1999

RealVideo Clips from Bioastronomy '99

Solar Eclipse '99
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Great Moments in the History of Electromagnetic SETI


Did You Ever Wonder?
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Email Address for Coordinator, Larry Klaes: lklaes@coseti.org


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