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Optical SETI Presentations


One of the aims of this web site is to assist in the promotion and teaching of Optical SETI concepts.  Are you involved in giving talks on SETI and astronomy or are you in the media?   Wouldn't you like to download a high-resolution potted presentation on Optical SETI that saves you the time of searching though this extensive web site for the most important materials?  Then you are in luck.  On this page will eventually appear the means to view and download PowerPoint 97 presentations.  This will be done after most of the illustrations are upgraded to the Freelance 97 format.  Use will be made of Microsoft's PowerPoint Viewer 97 and RealPresenter.  The idea for this page comes from a suggestion by Larry Klaes after a request from Dr. Jill Tarter for update information to present at the recent 48th International Astronautical Congress in Turin.

Stuart Kingsley
October 1997
Revised March 1997


Screen Capture Movies

It is intended that Lotus Screen Cam Movies of screen displays of the various PCs controlling The COSETI Observatory will be made available later.  These movies can contain an audio track.

Lotus ScreenCam Player


However, the program to run the movies can be encapsulated with the file.  Here is an example of such a Freelance Screen Capture Movie (screen resolution 1280 x 1024) taken of the TheSky astronomy program used to control the Meade LX-200 SCT.  This particular file does not contain audio.  Download this self-running file:

movie.exe (3.5 Mbytes)


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